S.B.R.L is collaborated with PG Tech PVT. LTD.

CPCSEA approved
SBRL is having CPCSEA approved animal house facility and
Institutional Animal Ethical Committee (IAEC) for research on animals
like Rat, Mice, Guniapig and Rabbit.

Sapience Family congratulated to Mr. Veer Singh Parihar Selected as a Product Executive in  Nouveau medicament and Mr. Siddarth Jain as a Production Executive in Lupin Pharmaceuticals Indore.

Sapience family congratulated to Mr. Sunil Kumar Yagnik receiving award by the M.P.govt honorable C.M Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan for the contribution in Pharma education.


Dear Researcher if you are intrested in any Ph.D support in Thesis/Manuscript writing or lab work. Contact us:

S.B.R.L is collabrated with Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Mahavidyalaya Pharmacy and Bonnie foi College for Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

S.B.R.L is collaborated with RAINBOW LABORATORIES and REMENTIS MEDICARE for industrial training and project work.

Dr. Yogesh Katare, Post doctorate in  University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Professor RIPS, Bhopal has connected with Sapience Bioanalytical Research Laboratory as a Director Research.

Dr. Pradeep Singor a Renound Personality in the field of Synthetic Chemistry & Drug Designing has joined with Sapience Bioanalytical Research Laboratory as a Advisor.

Welcome to sapience

Sapience Bio-Analytical Research Lab (SBRL) Offers high quality bio-analytical services for undergraduate, post graduate and PhD scholars under the guidance/supervision of our keen personalities in respective disciplines. SBRL also conduct pre-clinical research and instrument handling training programs.

SBRL Situated in The City of Lake, Bhopal, M.P. Sapience Bio-Analytical Research Labs provides high quality bioanalytical and in life services- Analytical, microbiological and pharmaceutical, we offer a great range of laboratory services for undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.D students to commence their disertatation work and also offer bioanalytical testing services.

The lab scientist at SBRL effectively meet clients requirement for accelerate, high quality result with:
Efficient analysis of complex analytical assignment.
Refined analytical standard procedure and laboratory procedure.

Sapience Bioanalytical Research Laboratory (SBRL) was established Daridranarayan Seva avam Kalyan Samiti (Registered by Government of Madhya Pradesh under Society registration act 1973).